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Dynamic Upper

Elite Speed Staff

Scratch Work

Basic Acceleration Workout

Heavy Hyper Lower - Glute Hyper

The 303 Hyper Upper

Heavy Hyper Upper


Chase - Dynamic Speed

Acceleration Back Side Heavy

Crazy 8's Hyper Upper

Crazy 8's Hyper Lower


Elite Baseball - DG



Sprinter Core Workout - On Own

Regis Baseball

Upper - Muscle Growth & Stability

Basic Lower Body Dynamic with Core

Trap Bar Hyper Lower

Momentum 12 - Kia

Momentum 12 - Allison

Momentum 13 - Chris K

Momentum 13 - Tasha

Momentum 13 - Casey

Momentum 14 - Deb

Momentum 14 - Jon

Momentum 14 - Jen

Momentum 15 - Elsa

Momentum 15 - Vanessa

Momentum 15 - David

Momentum 16 - Rachel

Momentum 16 - Chris D

Momentum 16 - Jim

Momentum 17 - Shane

Momentum 17 - Josh

Momentum 17 - Leanna

Momentum 17 Boys - Ric

Momentum 18 - Jeremy

Momentum 18 - Brian

Overhead Hyper Upper

HRHS Baseball

Momentum 14 - Boys

Heavy Upper Baseball

Football Triphasic

Gameday Knuckleheads

Functional Thrower Workout

Heavy Dynamic Upper

Momentum 17 Boys - Damon

Momentum - All Athletes

Heavy Wave Upper

Multi-Directional Football: Power + Frequency

Full Body Rotational - Baseball Specific

Acceleration - Power

Negative Upper Combine

Heavy Lower Lateral to Accel

Upper Hyper High Rep

NFL Combine / Pro Day

Rock Canyon Baseball

Hyper Upper 225 Negatives

Kent Denver

Lower Body Dynamic

Heavy Upper - Bench Press

Mines Soccer

Mines Soccer 2nd Day

Mines week 5

Super Max Effort

(LV) Upper Heavy/Dynamic

Mines Week 6

Basic DB Upper Body Workout

(LV) Lower Heavy/Dynamic

Mines Week 7

Lower Dynamic - 10x3

Mines Week 8

Hyper Upper NFL (Off-Season)

(HV) Hyper Lower

Vacation Lower - Heavy

Vacation Upper - Heavy

Mines Soccer Week 9

Mines Week 10

Mines Week 10 #2

Heavy Lower Acceleration / C.O.D. (NFL)

Team 180 Lacrosse

Mines Week 11

Full Body 10x3 1.0

Full Body 10x3 2.0

Heavy Upper 2s

Overhead Hyper Stability

Heavy Lower-Squat/Accel/Backside

Lower Dynamic

Heavy Lower Back Squat & Accel Frequency

Heavy Lower/ Multidirection

Aunt Jemima's Retirement Booty Blast

Heavy Lower- Back Squat- Power Pull

Dynamic Lower - Band Squat, Jumps, Backside Aux

Dynamic Lower Male Soccer 16yrsold.

Lea female tennis Dynamic Lower

Heavy Lower - Trap Bar Accel

Heavy Lower

Nick Johnson - Heavy Upper - Male Basketball 16 Years Old

Heavy Lower Unilateral

Elite Hitting Power Program

Grandview Volleyball

12 Kia

College Soccer Girls

Heavy Bilateral to Hyoer Unilateral Lower

Heavy Upper + Throwing (1)

Slammer Pro College Showcase

Elite Performance Soccer

Elite Soccer

Platte River Corporate - Upper/Posture

Baseball Hyper Upper (Large Team)

Hyper Lower Commercial (Not Elite) Gym

Momentum 17/18 12 Kia

Baseball Heavy Upper (HV)

Drop Set Hyper Lower

Commercial Break Abs

Johnson City Upper (Hyper)

Overhead Upper (Negavite Dynamic)

Pitcher Heavy Upper (Winter)

Elite Performance Baseball

High Insensity Treadmill

High Rep Upper

10 Set HV Heavy Lower

Hyper Lower RWC

Heavy Lower RWC

High Intensity Lower + Conditioning

High Rep Upper + Conditioning

Elite Performance Baseball Testing

Slam (HVL)

Combine Prep Group

20s Hyper Upper

Big 3 Heavy Lower (NFL)

Heavy / Dynamic Lower - Summer Baseball

Spartans Team Warm Up

Post Throw Full Body Heavy Dynamic (In - Season)

Platte River Corporate Fitness Lower

In-Season Pre-Start Full Body 5s Nagtives

Platte River Networks

Pitcher In Season Long Rest Heavy / Dynamic

Heavy Upper In-Season Shoulder Balancing

Core 1

Basketball Lower Heavy Dynamic Unilateral

Baseball lower body road workout